Last comic for the month! And with that we’ve finished off another chapter in the series, this one being a bit more laid back. It’s nice giving Risa a bit of time in the spotlight. Here, Risa gets picked up by Terry as they head on over to the bed for bedtime cuddles. Risa’s so used to it that she doesn’t really bat an eye. However, she does tell Terry to stop and put her down so that she could go brush her teeth and such.

As some of you might be aware from my twitter posts, Yogurt Short Comics Vol.9 is making progress! I’ve completed the cover art and you’ll find it here in the book section of my site. I’m aiming to have the books printed and ready to ship out sometime this winter/spring 2023. Hopefully I’ll be able to get a good price on the printing costs, but if not, that’s okay too. This book has been in the works for a long while.