One more comic for the week!

Yogurt’s back home from school. Things have been on her mind lately, at least since she started contemplating about everyone else’s extracurricular activities during her spares. It sort of has her thinking about what exactly she sees herself doing in the near-future. It’s her second year of high school, so while it might seem a bit early to think about it, Yogurt definitely feels a bit of pressure from everyone else around her.

And so she turns to her dad for some advice. Without necessarily being clear from the start, Yogurt tells her dad that things have been on her mind lately. Her dad, on the other hand, jumped to the conclusion that his daughter was talking about “the birds and the bees”. Talk about being really late. By the second year in high school, most students would have already been well-versed in that matter, whether it’s through parents, through school education, or through other means. In some ways, Yogurt’s dad can be just as air-headed as his daughter.

But no, what Yogurt really wants to talk about is her future, her career path, or just finding a passion of some sort to keep her occupied with a sense of purpose.