One more comic for the month! It’s been a nice and relaxing chapter, with Yogurt and her friends playing a survival crafting action game! Apart from this chapter, I’ve also been quite productive in working on my Enya novel revisions. The first draft manuscript was completed earlier, so it was nice to give myself some time to go through and review the whole thing for any edits and revisions.

In this comic, Yogurt notices that Risa is jotting a few things down on her notebook. As it turns out, Risa has been diligently keeping track of various details in the game as the group were playing together earlier. She’s compiling a list of bugs, glitches, and suggestions that she hopes to report to the developers of the game. It’s not really known if the developers will take her word for it, but it’s still something that they can go by if they’re looking for player feedback. It could also be that Risa just has been doing it out of habit because of her discipline. She’s very much big into technology, IT, programming, computer sciences, and software developing, not just for her job, but also in her pastime.