A new comic for the week! This month is coming to a close pretty soon, and so will this chapter.

In this comic, Yogurt visits Berry’s house to pass the evening. Since her dad is busy at work, she might as well just spend the evening together with Berry. Upon entering the house, Yogurt notices a bunch of school brochures on the counter top. The brochures were for the different kinds of colleges around the city, as well as for certain programs to study. Yogurt doesn’t quite show it very well, but this has her a little bit concerned for Berry. Could Berry be deciding to drop out of the university that they are both in? Is Berry having a little bit of trouble with deciding what he wants to do? Berry isn’t quite open about it, but he reassures Yogurt that he didn’t go out of his way to pick up the brochures himself and that they were given to him by his mom.