Important update! The Edmonton Expo will be held this weekend, and I will be busy attending my table in Artist Alley. I will be resuming the final comics for the month some time early next week! If you’re in town for the Edmonton Expo, come by and visit me in person! Apart from selling regular merchandise and trinkets, I will be promoting my new books and soundtrack, as well as doing book signings and talking new and old fans alike.

In this comic, Risa hands over her gift to Berry for his birthday with excitement. It turns out that Risa had made Gabe a knit book sleeve that fits most books. It’s something that Gabe can put over his books to make them a little more comfy to hold, or to just hide the cover of the books he’s reading. This wasn’t the first time Risa had something hand-made for her friends. It’s something that she really enjoys doing, and it is a little different than just simply buying gifts or giving money. As Yogurt watches the gift exchanges from everyone, she questions whether her gift is good enough. She holds her gift back.