Happy Birthday, Berry! To celebrate, Yogurt calls everyone over to her place before calling Berry over. It’s not uncommon for Berry and Yogurt to swap houses for various events, given their close proximity to each other.

I haven’t tried to properly celebrate a character’s birthday in my comic series. Yogurt’s birthday was accounted for, but it was much shorter. With Berry’s birthday, I was able to elaborate on a lot of the character interactions and whatnot leading up to the actual birthday. Perhaps it’s because now I feel a little more confident with making longer stories.

Looks like Risa was able to finish her gift in time, albeit at the cost of her waking energy. Perhaps at first glance, Berry doesn’t really mind the gift at all. I’d say he is more worried about Risa fainting than to consider anything else at the moment. Pulling all-nighters can do that to you sometimes.

Knitting can be very repetitive. A lot of patterns require the same hand movement to be repeated for hours, so even that can sometimes take a toll. Perhaps it’s because Risa hasn’t made many hats  before, that it took her the whole night. If you know what you are doing, a person can easily finish a couple hats in a day’s work.