A new comic for the week! Just a quick update! My Vol.6 books have arrived if you’ve been following my twitter and other social media accounts. The books have turned out really nicely, and I love how the cover looks in print. I’ve already sent out invoices to all those who have preordered a copy. You can choose to pay it at anytime and I’ll ship out the copy to you within the week! It’s a bit late and with the delays that Canada Post has, it might not arrive in time for Christmas, but hopefully, that’s still okay.

In this comic, Risa hears the doorbell ring and decides to go answer the door. She’s been expecting a bunch of her online orders to come in around this time. Everything from her Christmas gifts to gadgets that she’s looking to treat herself to. However, to Risa’s surprise, it wasn’t the courier that’s at the door. It’s Olivia, all dressed up in her Santa suit.