New comic for the week! This time we get to learn a little bit more on Risa’s side. Risa’s mom makes an appearance. Like many side characters, I’ll introduce them once, and maybe use them again somewhere down the line.

At least here in Canada, it’s very common for houses to have basements, not attics. Normally, people think of a basement dweller derogatorily, usually imagining someone who rarely comes up to the surface, or somebody who has weird hobbies. To me, it’s not a really bad thing. In fact, I find that there are many basement dwellers that are quite dedicated to their work. Risa might only sound like someone who is cooped up in the basement all day, but it’s not like she does nothing down there at all. I’d imagine that she has some very interesting hobbies.

Those are some pretty scary looking faces that Berry and Yogurt are making.