Another comic for the week!

In this comic, Risa and Terry are checking out the bags that they have at the store. It looks like Risa is up for getting a new bag this time around. There’s sometimes too many to choose from, but if you know how much you want to carry with you, it’s usually no big deal looking for a bag. However, it looks like Shu has planted an idea idea for Risa to pick up a randoseru, a small but practical bag used in Japan. I guess what Shu forgot to tell Risa was that pretty much only elementary school kids use them. If for any other reason, it’s probably cosplay of some sort.

I’ve seen a couple of these worn by some guys on campus at the university I went to before, and it is an odd sight compared to all the suitcases, sports bags, and backpacks that everyone else uses. I can’t deny their build quality, though. They’re usually made of leather or synthetic leather of some sort, and can take quite a beating.