Another comic for the week! Some more VR fun for Yogurt!

It’s Yogurt’s first time playing a VR game! Risa recently bought a VR headset and is now letting everyone try it out at Olivia’s small Christmas party! In this comic, Yogurt is dropped into a virtual world, a forest at dusk. It’s getting dark out. Yogurt wanders around being captivated by the graphics and the immersive feel of walking around in the game. After walking around for a bit, she discovers an axe lodged in a tree stump. She heads over to pick up, and to her surprise, she can! In VR, the virtual things you handle weigh only much as the controllers you use to pick them up with. She swings it around frantically, amazed that she could perform these actions in VR rather than in real life! However, her friends seem to know that there are more than just axes and trees she’ll meet in the game.