Another comic for the week!

As it turns out, Livvy wanted to send everyone a group message and inviting her friends over to her place for the weekend! Hopefully, everyone will be free to hang out.

As Berry receives the message, Yogurt questions who it was that sent it. After realizing it’s a group message, Yogurt begins to feel like she’s always missing out on important messages that her friends send to each other. But it’s not like Yogurt is being purposefully left out of the conversation at all. Berry asks where Yogurt keeps her phone. It turns out she left it at home.

Hehe, Yogurt has a habit of sometimes forgetting to bring her phone or carelessly leaving it at home. She doesn’t quite feel the need to carry it with her as much as people do nowadays. That’s not to say that she doesn’t use it. She uses her phone lots, but often to reach out to Berry or her dad. I can imagine Yogurt being somewhat dumb around phones, not knowing what chat apps her friends are using and such. She’s had a phone for a long time, but it’s easy to see that she doesn’t really make much use of it as even the average teen snapping away or sending tweets and such.