One more comic before my gig at the Edmonton Comic Expo! In case you haven’t heard yet, I will be attending the convention as an artist, and I will be bringing books, CDs, merch, and prints to the table! If you’re in town, I hope to see you there!

In this comic, Yogurt had just found out about Berry’s concerns. He had grown comfortable with the times he’s had in school and with his friends.  So when everyone seemingly has plans for their future after high school, Berry feels left behind and pressured to make a life-changing decision now more than he’d ever been. Yogurt was in a similar position not too long ago, but she had discovered a reason to look forward. Being able to relate with Berry on some level, she stands up, gets behind Berry, and gives him a warm, assuring hug from behind. She whispers equaling assuring words in an effort to calm Berry and ease him into looking forward to the future.