Hi everyone! I have another comic to share for the week!

The comic continues on with Yogurt and Berry going on a walk while having a chat about Yogurt’s upcoming time as a student teacher. For the time in her life, she’ll be assuming a teacher role, something that she’s been dreaming about for quite some time. Despite her excitement, she also feels quite a bit anxious and worried about how things will go. Luckily, Berry was able to reassure her that she wouldn’t be alone on the job. She’ll very likely have the expertise of veteran teachers and perhaps even other student teachers to build off of while she’s on her teaching internship. Yogurt herself is a quiet girl who usually just keeps to herself in social settings, but this will perhaps give her a good opportunity to open up a bit more and ask for help when she needs it. And in a classroom setting where she’s the teacher, yeah, she’ll need it.