Last comic for the month! This month has been a rather short but sweet chapter. Coinciding with the month of Valentine’s Day, I wanted to make a chapter that was a rather casual and easy going date with Yogurt and Berry. With the two of them already dating (or engaged) for just shy of 3 years already, there has been somewhat of a lack of chapters that focused entirely on just these two, at least in my opinion.

Berry, traditionally, hasn’t always been the person to ask Yogurt out on dates. Yogurt has been the one who would ask from time to time about going out on certain dates. But here in this chapter, Berry kind of indirectly shows interest in wanting to check out all sorts of different places in and around their city together with Yogurt. This definitely makes Yogurt happy! Berry has always been rather shy about dates in general. Luckily, Yogurt understands Berry very well and all his nuanced displays of affection.