Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! In a matter of a couple of hours, people would start giving out chocolates and various other kinds of confectioneries. In a way, it almost feels a bit like Halloween all over again.

It is also around this time of year that people give confectioneries to people they admire or like, even as a friend. Unlike Yogurt’s attempt at giving chocolates, Terry hands them out to his friends a token of appreciation. It’s not always required to be a couple to be able to hand out gifts and chocolate around this time. After Terry hands his gift to Yogurt, he pulls out another one, and walks off to give it to its recipient.

I haven’t really drawn Yogurt and Terry being friendly with each other before, despite how similar I find Terry to be compared to Yogurt’s dad. You’d imagine that they’d be closer as friends. However, I do imagine Terry being friendly with just about anybody.