Hi everyone! Merry Christmas and I hope that every had a wonder holiday! New years is coming up, and it’s pretty strange looking back at all of the things that we’ve done over the year. While I certainly felt like I’ve been not as productive this year as in previous years, a quick look through my gallery of illustrations that I’ve done in the year has me convinced otherwise! This year there were a lot of higher quality illustrations that I’m pretty proud of, moreso than in previous years. It’s kind of nice, really! From something as recent as Yogurt’s Christmas sweater illustration to her 19th birthday illustration and summer swimsuit ones.

In this comic, Risa and Terry had just finished watching a really action packed Christmas movie. But the night is still young, prompting Risa to pick up her phone and look for another movie to watch for the night. Risa quickly gets caught up in thought. There’s something that Risa wanted to do tonight, and she doesn’t want to miss the opportunity to do it. Risa contemplates a bit more. She has decided.