Hi everyone! I have a new comic to share for the week!

Continuing on from the last comic, Olivia shows Yogurt the inside of their glamping hut. It’s a fancier-looking tent setup, complete with full interior amenities like a bed, nightstand, and a woodstove heater. Not exactly the kinds of stuff you would find in a more minimal deepwoods tenting setup. The concept of glamping is something a little new for Yogurt. Previously, she had only known camping with a minimal setup, like a tent and sleeping bag.

On Yogurt’s mind, she thinks that booking a glamping site like this during the peak summer months was going to be pretty hard to do, since it’s probably no surprise that everyone else is looking to get away from the city too. But Olivia has an ace up her sleeve: Her family owns the glamping resort! Must be some kind of new venture they’ve decided to invest in on the side. Who knows what other ventures they have.