Hi everyone! I have a new comic to share today! We’re quickly approaching the end of the first month of the new year, and in turn, the first chapter of the year!

In this comic, Yogurt and Berry are finally home from work. Yogurt is relaxing on the couch while looking up the website for the Glen-Victoria School of Arts on her tablet. The school is an art school with focus on teaching and preparing students for modern day applications of the arts, including music, video, communications, technology, performance, digital media and so on! Not only that, it’s also a private school, so the curriculum that this school does is a little bit different than what you’d normally find in public school, despite having to share the same provincial exams in the end.

In any case, Yogurt is immediately pulled in by just how ambitious the school aims to be, and that’s also besides the fact that it clearly is on the same wavelength as Yogurt’s creative-mindedness. Yogurt has always been on the creative side and doing art like painting or sketching.