A new comic for the week!

Yogurt decides to put her morals aside and tackle on the task of slaying monsters to gain experience points. Her first couple of shots missed entirely, leaving lots of time for the cat blob to escape and rally its buddies. By the time Yogurt caught up, she was up against an intimidating mob.

I have a couple updates! First up, Yogurt Short Comics Vol.4 is in the final stages of prepping and editing, making the publication date well within the month of November. I now project that I will be able to receive my finished print run by the middle of December. On another end, I have also been researching where I will be printing books for my next IP, Sketch Artist Koko. Being primarily a picture book series as opposed to a webcomic series, I now have the incentive to rely on overseas offset printing to provide a large number of high quality hardcover picture books at a much more cost-effective price compared to the digital, domestically printed Yogurt series.

It’s an exciting time here at YogurtMedia, with more and more publications being piled on, from books to CDs and web publications. It’s a lot of work for just one person.