Another comic for the week! In this comic, Yogurt visits Terry after school so that she can learn a thing or two about making different kinds of chocolate treats. Upon greeting a familiar face at the door, Yogurt gets mistakenly called “mama” from Chloe again. By this point, it might be completely on purpose, but when Chloe first met Yogurt, “mama” was the little nickname that Chloe gave to her.

In other news, I hope to attend Animethon 22, an Edmonton-based convention that will most likely take place some time this summer. If I manage to get a hold of a table in their Artist Alley event, I will be there to promote my series at a convention for the very first time. I will also be there to sell volume collection books and Yogurt collectibles such as charms and buttons. In addition, I hope to inspire other independent authors and illustrators to bring forth their original works to these events.