Hi everyone! I have great news! Yogurt Short Comics Vol.6 has officially been published and has been sent in for printing!! I’ve closed preorders for the time being. If you had already preordered a book, you’ll be hearing from me soon! I’ll be sending invoices out once I get the books and calculate all the shipping stuff for you.

In this comic, it’s Berry’s turn. He travels to Risa’s nation in hopes to establish a new trade deal again. Only this time, Berry is seemingly very far ahead in the game. He has access to space-age technology and advanced military equipment. Risa, on the other hand, is still behind in the ages, operating in a civilization that still uses ballistas, swords, and spears as their main weapon of choice. The difference between the two empires is jarring. Should the two go to war, it will be a slaughter.

Perhaps Berry was able to get to where he is because he was quick to trade with everyone since the very beginning, acquiring all the resources he needed to progress his nation.