It’s a new month, and I have a new chapter of comics to share! I’ve also received this month’s payout from my Patreon patrons. A huge thanks once again to my patrons for helping me out! Your patronage has helped to keep the website up and running by covering monthly hosting cost. There’s also a bit of extra dollars left, which I have put towards my future book funding for when it comes time to print copies.

In this comic, Terry arrives at Risa’s house with two bikes at hand. He’s lending his sister’s bike to Risa so that they can ride it for the day. However, it seems like the bike was set a little too high for Risa, so Terry adjusted accordingly. He brought the seat as far down as he could, until you could hear the seat smack up against the bike frame. There! It looks like Risa will be able to ride the bike after all!