Another comic for the week!

Yogurt and Berry are going to be working together on another picture book, something they haven’t done since the one they’ve made together for Yogurt’s mom. Only this time they’ve grown to be a little mature and a little better at what they do best. Over the years, Yogurt sketched and painted quite a bit over their free time. It’s not uncommon to find Yogurt sketching during her spares in the library. As for Berry, he has written quite a few stories in his time.

In this comic, Yogurt and Berry are in the school library. They are brainstorming ideas for a book that they want to put together. Something short and simple to do. So they decided to write a story about a puppy and her owner! While Berry is writing stuff up, he delegates Yogurt to provide designs for the characters that will be in the story! Yogurt enthusiastically acknowledges and accepts the command.