YogurtMedia Evolved

Change has happened. Lots of it.

Yogurt Short Comics has gotten a new home,

and here’s what’s new:

Noteworthy changes:

  • Major website appearance revamp. YogurtMedia is now fully-responsive and mobile ready
  • Comics are now available in higher-resolutions, and are shown on a larger site container
  • Website-exclusive motion comics created using latest CSS3 and HTML5 slider animations
  • Domain changed to www.YogurtMedia.net. 301 redirects now in effect! Old domain will redirect to the newer domain.
  • YogurtMedia Shop. The online store has been moved from Tictail to my own, fully integrated online store. All transactions will be secured through PayPal.
  • Larger galleries. Artwork galleries are now much wider and larger. It’s also in a cool mosaic.
  • yogurt.moe has been registered! You’ll also be able to access the site using this shorter URL!

Potential Issues:

  • Animations and CPU-intensive elements require more resources on desktops. Mobile devices should not be affected.

    Steps taken: Caching is used for every page, and the site is served through CDN.

  • Emails sent out may or may not be marked as SPAM.

    Steps taken: DNS records added, and mail server is fixed.

  • Older browsers may not display pages correctly. This includes browsers like IE9 or older.

    Possible solution: Can’t help you there. Get modern software and hardware.