• From the webcomic series, to the first volume release. Enjoy the Yogurt Short Comics!

    Our story follows Yogurt, a young and creative girl, together with her middle school friends, all of which are quirky in their own right. Berry is her quiet and shy childhood friend, who enjoys composing stories. Risa is a short, but smart computer wizard, who also enjoys various sweets and treats. Finally there’s Terry, our brightest and most optimistic addition to the group. Together, they experience the joys and tiny pleasures of everyday life, through all the cute, relaxing, heart-warming, or even touching moments!
    Autographs upon request. Ships to Canada and US only. For international purchases, contact me at [email protected]  
  • A photo of a charm set.
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    Tada! It's a wall scroll of Yogurt and her friends all dressed up and making cool poses!

    They look like they just came right out of an action-packed series. Oh, is that misleading. I had originally printed this giant wall scroll out for myself, without the intention to sell it. I have to admit, these are pretty pricey to print individually, so I'm really only offering this wall scroll to those select few die-hard Yogurt fans. If that happens to be you, then here's your chance! If you enjoy plastering your walls with all sorts of anime and manga posters and wall scrolls, then I'm sure that you'll also enjoy having a Yogurt one up there too!
    Please note that these are made-to-order and will require extra shipping and handling time. Available only to US and Canadian customers only. To place an order, please contact me at [email protected]. Also note that the gallery photo showing the actual wall scroll is my own. I have made some modifications for the version that I will be selling, so the photo does not fully reflect the final product.